CML Opens Three Offices in the Greater China Region

Thursday, June 29th 2017

Due to CML’s rapidly escalating customer activity in the Greater China market, CML has opened three additional offices located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Taipei with commercial staff, project managers and engineers, to provide local promotion, sales and technical support for our smartphone camera and haptics products.

“CML recognises the importance of local representation to react quickly and efficiently to customer requests and ensure smooth
information flow. For our products and markets, we need to be in the hub of smartphone and device component development and commerce, hence the selection of the locations of our three new sites”, remarked CML’s Director of Marketing, Dominic Webber. “We have ensured excellent staff have been recruited into our new offices to ensure high quality support and relationship management. We are planning for these offices to grow in size and also open additional facilities throughout this year and the next.”

The General Manager of CML Greater China, Edwin Shiu, commented, “In the highly competitive China smartphone and device market,
genuinely new and breakthrough technologies that can offer a refined user experience, yet still allow miniaturisation and aggressive pricing are highly valued by the industry’s leading brands. CML’s SMA technology has been exceptionally well received by this market, leading to multiple follow-on projects and new enquiries, which are ideally supported in close proximity to the customer sites.”

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