Drones: flying high in the consumer market

Tuesday, February 14th 2017

The value of the drone market is rising fast. According to Goldman Sachs, it will be cumulatively worth $100 billion by 2020.

There are many potential applications for drones. Investment in them by the military and security forces is rising, while in the commercial market, usage of drones in construction, surveying, and oil pipe inspection, for example, is growing too.

Next-generation consumer drones
Photography and videography are thought to be the key applications for next-generation drones. Mainstream consumer usage is the dream, but safety concerns may prevent very early adoption. However, drones seem to be here to stay, and in increasing numbers.

To expand usage, with flight times of up to half an hour and travelling at speeds of at least 30mph to 40 mph, they will need to be safe and robust, as well as capable of being accurate in navigation to avoid buildings, trees, pylons and other flying objects. They will also need to be small and lightweight with high-precision performance.

Offering exactly these features, CML’s unique smart material technology will shortly ship in high-end consumer drones available to the global market. “We see drones as one of the most exciting new major emerging product trends," commented CML's marketing director Dominic Webber. "We’re delighted to be integral to the development of key components in this high profile segment.”