CML to Present Keynote Haptics Speech at IDTechEx Conference

Thursday, May 4th 2017

IDTechEx provides independent market research and business intelligence to clients in over 80 countries, and will be hosting the IDTechEx Show! from the 10th to the 11th of May in Berlin. It is the world's largest end-user focused event on emerging technologies and covers wearables, printed electronics, sensors, Internet of Things, 3D printing, graphene, energy storage, electric vehicles and energy harvesting.

Part of the IDTechEx Show! is Wearable Europe – a conference and exhibition focusing on wearable technologies, applications, and their commercialisation. The event looks at the capabilities offered by new technologies and is aimed at the full ecosystem from fashion brands to material providers. Fifty guests will present at Wearable Europe and CML has been shortlisted as one of five keynote speakers.

After establishing itself as a provider of precision SMA actuator platform technology and delivering products in the smartphone and drone camera markets, CML is now launching a new design for a next generation haptic experience. Conventional products provide the user with a feedback sensation by shaking the entire device (smartphone or wearable), resulting in an unnatural effect. CML's solution creates a more sophisticated and nuanced experience by providing a localised feeling. SMA can create strong forces in a limited space without the use of magnetic parts, thus preventing compromise to antennae, audio speakers or NFC components' performance.

During the talk, CML will explain SMA actuator characteristics, its advantages when applied to haptics and how we are taking this technology to the mass market.