Ofcom Reports Smartphone 'Selfie' Photographs Boom

Thursday, August 6th 2015

Today the BBC reports that Ofcom - the UK's independent regulator and competition authority - released its twelfth annual Communications Market report, with a headline that the UK is now a "smartphone society".

The smartphone was found to be more popular than the digital camera for taking and storing photos, with 60% of adults and 89% of 16 to 24 year olds using their phone for photography.

It states that britons took 1.2 billion selfie photographs last year, 31% of which said they had taken a picture of themselves in the past year, with one in 10 adults taking at least one per week. Ofcom states that the rise in smartphones with increasingly good cameras was potentially fuelling the craze.

CML has recognised the dramatic rise in popularity of the front facing, selfie camera and is making available OIS actuators to deliver the next step change improvement in the quality of their photographs.

CML's products use its smart metal technology, which results in substantially smaller cameras than its competition from voice coil motors (VCM). This allows smartphone brands to produce slimmer handsets with narrower screen bezels for leading edge handset designs. Additionally, CML's smart metal actuators contain no magnets and do not interfere with the phone antenna, preventing compromises to its connectivity and call quality.

CML's first OIS actuator manufacturing partner, Hutchinson Technology, has stated its plans to make available parts to customers for selfie cameras later this year.