InFocus M530 Smartphone with SMA OIS Receives Glowing Camera Reviews

Thursday, March 19th 2015

The InFocus M530 is the first handset shipping with CML's SMA OIS cameras and has received universally positive feedback about the OIS camera performance.

Translations from the reviews sites have been included below, along with links to the original articles.

PC Online China

"Regardless of handshake, the InFocus easily takes good photos thanks to OIS technology, resulting in beautiful image quality."

"Photo quality could be among the best in similar class handsets. The camera maybe one of the InFocus M530’s strongest selling points."

PC Home China

"For photography during the day, the InFocus M530 is outstanding in comparison to other handsets of similar price."

"The rear facing 13MP camera with OIS produces eye catching night time photos."

"The 13MP combined with OIS shows very powerful capabilities at night, consistently taking extremely clear photos."

iMobile China

"Excellent camera performance outdoors, adjusting effortlessly between light and dark conditions."

Yide Communcations

"OIS is essential for night-time photography."

"Thanks to OIS, in poor lighting conditions whether indoors or outdoors, the InFocus M530 takes photos with no noticeable shake."

ePrice Taiwan

"Although the photo was taken in gloomy conditions... as a result of OIS, [it] showed no sign of handshake."