CML win EPSRC grant with University of Birmingham

Wednesday, December 6th 2017

CML has been awarded funding to develop a novel cystoscope with the University of Birmingham from the EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account: Follow on Fund. The project entitled “Innovative Devices for Endoscopic Bladder Cancer Surgery” commences in February 2018 and runs for a year..

CML will be collaborating with Professor Duncan Shepherd and Dr Naomi Green (Department of Mechanical Engineering) on the mechanical design of the device, in consultation with Mr Rik Bryan and Mr Prashant Patel (Institute for Cancer and Genomic Services), and Dr Thomas Clutton-Brock (Institute of Clinical Sciences), who bring their extensive experience and knowledge to the clinical side of the project.

CML will work use its expertise in the design and control of SMA actuators to develop a device that is aimed to provide better post-surgical removal and containment of tumour material, which it is hoped will reduce recurrence of the disease and the need for repeat surgery.