Two New Advisory Board Appointments

Friday, June 30th 2017

CML is delighted to announce that Sam Kim and Jorgen Lantto have joined the Advisory Board of CML. Biographical details of both are included in the "Team" website section.

Sam Kim was for many years until 2014, the President of ARM Korea. ARM is well known as the global leader in semiconductor IP business for mobile markets. Martin Knight, Chairman of CML, commenting on his appointment, said:" Sam's experience of commercial activity in S Korea , and particularly in the mobile space, will be most valuable to CML as we grow our business in S Korea."

Jorgen Lantto, as the former CTO and CEO of Fingerprint Card Sa(FPC), brings a wealth of relevant experience to CML: not only in the high tech end of the smartphone market , but also in managing the explosive growth of FPC from a small hardware engineering business to one which had a dominant and highly profitable position in the smartphone market, particularly in China. Martin Knight, Chairman of CML, commented: " Jorgen's understanding of how to manage a business in a period of extreme sales and profits growth , in precisely the market in which  CML is operating, will be extremely helpful to CML."

Martin Knight added: "CML is looking forward with great pleasure to working closely with Sam and Jorgen as we seek to grow CML' s activity at the heart of the smartphone market"