Cambridge Mechatronics has Designed the World's Smallest Smartphone OIS Actuator

Friday, July 31st 2015

In response to the market demand for further miniaturisation of OIS cameras for slim handsets, CML has designed the world's smallest OIS actuator, based on its smart metal technology. The new product is more than 70% thinner than its predecessor and competition from voice coil motors (VCM). There is no compromise to its industry leading shake suppression performance and product reliability.

In order to deliver the size reduction, a design was developed using significantly fewer components. This has resulted in a reduced bill of materials and simplified assembly flow, in turn allowing manufacturing cost reductions. CML has protected its latest innovations with key additions to its patent portfolio.

The smart metal OIS actuator has been designed to be compatible with the latest 'bi-directional' and 'phase detection pixel' autofocus technologies to deliver cameras with fastest focussing speed and lowest power consumption.

CML's first OIS actuator manufacturing partner, Hutchinson Technology, is now supplying parts to customers to allow the assembly of the industry's lowest profile OIS cameras, providing clearer photographs in low light conditions and stabilised videos.

For further details please refer to Hutchinson's website and news release.

"Hutchinson has impressively transferred our designs into a product through its leading capabilities in precision component manufacturing and assembly. We are delighted with this development, given Hutchinson's capabilities to produce precision, miniature devices in ultra-high volume" said James Howarth, CML's Director of Engineering.

CML's first OIS actuator entered production at Hutchinson in 2014 for assembly into cameras by Foxconn. Smartphones containing theses cameras started shipping at the beginning of this year. CML's latest actuator is being supplied to several tier 1 camera module integrators to be made broadly available to the world's major handset brands.